Laser peeling

Laser peeling for face in Kyiv

Laser peeling is a delicate procedure aimed at transforming facial skin. Gentle but intensive impact on the skin allows to achieve improvement of its condition.

Laser peeling CO2 is successfully used in various branches of medicine. Laser peeling for the face improves skin color, smooths the microrelief and stimulates the regeneration of new cells.

Lazer-Med Laser Cosmetology Center at Valikhnovski Surgery Institute provides an individual approach, safety and quality for each patient.


Лазер СО2 для пилинга
Пилинг лазером СО2

CO2 laser peeling

CO2 laser peeling is a delicate procedure that removes the thinnest top layer of the epidermis. The action of the laser stimulates cells to renew and activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Peeling for the face is different: laser, chemical and mechanical. Unlike other methods, laser peeling is the safest. Chemical and mechanical peeling is almost impossible to control: the length and power of exposure is not determined by the laser.

During laser peeling specialist makes individual adjustment of the length and power of the laser beam. Fully computerized system allows you to control the process and reduce the risk of complications.

The essence of the procedure

The essence of laser peeling is the spot effect of the laser on the epidermal cells. Laser radiation heats the intracellular fluid, causing the death of old cells. The CO2 laser literally vaporizes the keratinized layer of the epidermis.

This process is called vaporization. Thanks to vaporization starts the process of cell renewal and regeneration. And the increased synthesis of collagen and elastin have a pronounced lifting effect.

How is laser peeling different from laser resurfacing?

Conventionally, all peels can be classified into 3 categories: superficial, midline and deep.

Interesting fact!

Modern laser equipment is equipped with a system for controlling the power of the laser beam during the procedure. In simple language, the laser system evaluates the speed of movement of the manipulator and, depending on the speed, adjusts the laser power.

This avoids human error and tissue burns.

Stages of implementation

Advantages of CO2 laser peeling

Why trust us with laser peels?


Such a procedure as CO2 laser peeling will transform your face, giving it freshness and radiance of youth.

Lazer-Med Laser Cosmetology Center is an official subdivision of Coolaser Clinic and is located in the center of Kyiv in Solomensky district.

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