Fractional laser body resurfacing

Fractional laser correction in Kyiv

Fractional laser body resurfacing is a highly effective procedure for removing skin imperfections. Fractional body resurfacing is the key to your rejuvenation without surgery or anesthesia.

A relatively new method of rejuvenation that has already proven to be a brilliant procedure. Fractional rejuvenation is effective on any part of the body without harming your health.

Lazer-Med Laser Cosmetology Center is an official division of Coolaser Clinic at Valikhnovski Surgey Institute. Our best specialists will provide you with maximum quality and comfort in every procedure.


Шлифовка лица лазером


Шлифовка лица лазером

Fractional laser resurfacing

Fractional laser rejuvenation is an ultramodern technique that allows you to transform the skin. At the moment in the world of apparatus cosmetology it has no analogues in quality, results and safety.

Just a few sessions will give you rejuvenation for 5-10 years. In addition, fractional body resurfacing is an indispensable method of removing scars and scars on the body.

The essence of laser body rejuvenation

The essence of the procedure lies in the unique properties of the laser, which affects the epidermis. The thickness of the laser beam is less than a human hair. This provides unprecedented precision and patient safety.

Intelligent programming of the equipment scans and adjusts the operation of the laser, preventing any risk of human error. Customization ensures that the service is performed according to your needs and features.

The beams of the laser beam actively interact with the cells. The intracellular fluid is heated and vaporized, destroying the cell itself. Thus, an amazing process of vaporization takes place.

As a result, the processes of skin regeneration and renewal are started, young and healthy cells grow in place of the old epidermis. Active synthesis of collagen and elastin tighten tissues, making them more elastic.

Benefits of laser body correction

Why is laser body rejuvenation called fractional body rejuvenation?

After the procedure, small dots from the action of the laser – fractions – remain on the skin. On the 2nd day they are covered with crusts, which fall off 2-3 days later.

Preliminary preparation

The preliminary, mandatory preparation includes a list of actions to avoid. The preparation is aimed at making the skin as comfortable and beneficial as possible for the procedure.

Most importantly, preliminary preparation is necessary to identify individual contraindications and possible risks of complications.

Stages of the procedure

Advantages of using a laser

Recovery period

Fractional laser resurfacing has almost no rehabilitation period. Since the laser does not traumatize the skin and does not leave deep, open wounds, laser rejuvenation does not require specific rehabilitation.

Detailed recommendations for care you will prescribe a doctor after the procedure. Methods of home recovery directly depend on the amount of work done. Below we provide a general list of recommendations, which should be observed by absolutely everyone:

Risks of complications

We care about our patients, so we consider it our duty to warn about possible side effects. Despite the fact that they occur in extremely rare cases – about 5%.

What part of the body is suitable for fractional resurfacing?

Fractional laser resurfacing is suitable for any part of the body and skin type. Laser rejuvenation can be done even on very delicate skin on the face and eyelids. Read more in Laser facial resurfacing.


What time of year can I have fractional laser body resurfacing?

Anytime. We recommend the use of sunscreen during the summer.

How does fractional resurfacing affect my body skin?

Positives. In addition to correcting imperfections, you get perfect renewal and rejuvenation.

Why does the final result appear 2 months after the procedure?

Synthesis of collagen and elastin begins immediately after fractional resurfacing. The decline in synthesis occurs just 2-3 months after recovery. By this time, you will see how much tighter, firmer and tighter the body skin has become.

What other procedures can fractional body rejuvenation be combined with?

It depends on the condition of your skin and your preference. Microcurrent therapy and mesotherapy are great for the recovery period.

What procedures should not be combined with laser body resurfacing?

With other laser and hardware techniques that have an aggressive effect on the epidermis. For such procedures, it is better to wait for full tissue recovery.

How do you remove crusts after laser?

The crusts that cover the points from the laser beam should never be mechanically removed. Their appearance is an absolutely normal reaction of the body. The crusts will fall off on their own on the 2nd or 3rd day.

Why can't you touch the crusts after fractional resurfacing?

Thin and prone skin can react to tearing off the crusts with age spots and scarring. The best solution is not to touch them at all until they are completely healed. Healthy skin is worth the wait of a couple days.

How to choose a doctor and salon for fractional laser rejuvenation?

This is the most important question we were asked by one of our patients. Your health is important to us. That is why we will write the optimal algorithm of choice.

Licenses and certificates. Any self-respecting clinic or medical center will calmly give you the necessary documents for review. If you are denied this request – it is better to refuse this service.

Experience of the doctor. The golden rule: trust, but check. Even if the doctor was recommended to you by your relatives. Check his documents on education and advanced training. Find reviews on the Internet.

  1. Equipment. If after a personal acquaintance you are satisfied with everything and the documents are in order, carefully inspect the equipment. Any patches/scotch/tape/tape and other external defects should alert you. Quality equipment also sometimes breaks down. But it is not repaired with improvised things and kept in perfect condition.

  2. Personal Feelings. You should never neglect your intuition. If the specialist to you inattentive, does not collect anamnesis. Rude, boorish or shows any other disrespect, you should not trust him.
  1. The price is too low. There are sales on services. But the price reduction cannot be cosmic. Buying modern equipment, its maintenance, providing a really experienced doctor. All this and more do not allow you to put a low price.

    If you are offered a price several times less than the average for your city, it should be alarming. What has been skimped on and how will it affect your skin?

    It’s a non-medical office. What do we mean? The technician should have all the necessary equipment for the job. A mask, disposable gloves, antiseptics and a first aid kit are the minimum. If you are offered a service in a questionable office, decline.

    Yes, these items require some time for clarification. Believe me, your beauty and health is worth it. At best, you will not see the result. At worst, serious complications will appear.

I had herpes before the procedure, should I forgo fractional laser resurfacing?

It is not necessary to refuse, but it is advisable to postpone the procedure for 2 weeks. During this time it is necessary to undergo anti-herpetic therapy.

Can I have fractional resurfacing if I am taking antibiotics?

No, we do not recommend combining antibiotics or blood thinners with laser body correction. You should first finish taking antibiotics and only then do fractional resurfacing.

After laser body skin resurfacing I have flaky skin, is this normal?

A variant of the norm is peeling, dryness and tightness of the epidermis for 7 days after the procedure.

What should be the interval between treatments?

Individualized. Depends on the localization of fractional laser resurfacing and the amount of work. The average recommended interval between body resurfacing is 4 weeks.

What are the results of fractional body resurfacing?

Removal of scars and scars, removal of age spots and striae. Smoothing wrinkles and creases. Equalization of skin color and microrelief. Improving the overall condition of the skin. Prominent skin tightening, elimination of laxity.

At what age can fractional body resurfacing be done?

Either way. If your age is 16 or older, we will need a parent, guardian or other legal representative of the child to be officially present.


Before laser resurfacing postacne should be consulted by a specialist. An experienced doctor will determine possible contraindications specifically in your case.

Let's summarize the results

Modern laser cosmetology can show results that can be compared with the results of plastic surgery. Do not hurry to go under the surgeon’s knife, we can help you regain youth and flawlessness with the help of laser body correction.

Specialists of the Lazer-Med laser cosmetology center exchange experience with doctors from the best clinics in Europe and America. We use the maximum opportunities for you to return the perfection of your skin.

Fractional laser body resurfacing – improve your body with us, just trust us with your beauty and you will be amazed by the results!

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