Laser stretch mark resurfacing

Laser resurfacing of CO2 stretch marks in Kyiv

Laser resurfacing of striae on the body is a procedure aimed at correcting or completely removing striae. The birth of a child, a sharp increase or decrease in weight, illnesses – all this can leave stretch marks on the body.

Scars do not decorate the body, they are just there. Some psychologists advise to get over yourself and learn to live with it. But how can you openly live with something you don’t like from the bottom of your heart? We suggest not to be patient and not to step over yourself.

The best specialists of the Lazer-Med laser cosmetology center at the Valikhnovski Surgeon Institute will help you remove stretch marks on your body using a CO2 laser. No matter what your skin type or season, you can remove stretch marks right now!


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Избавиться от растяжек в Киеве

What is a stretch mark?

Striae or stretch marks are formations on the skin that occur as a result of severe tissue overstretching. Under strong pressure, strain and tension, the internal structures seem to be torn apart. Healthy cells are replaced by connective tissue and streaks form.

They can be light, dark, pink or almost red. In essence, stretch marks are the same as scars.

How do stretch marks form?

Striae appear as a result of strong pressure on the tissues. Recent studies have shown that the appearance of stretch marks is more of a genetic factor than an acquired flaw. Accordingly, if your mother had stretch marks, you are likely to get them too.

Most often, stretch marks or striae are localized on the hips, chest, abdomen, and buttocks. That is, where the most subcutaneous tissue is concentrated. But they can also appear in unexpected places, especially during hormonal disorders.

Who most often develops stretch marks?

Men develop stretch marks 2 times less often than women. Women are more prone to dramatic weight changes than men. Plus, pregnancy and childbearing almost always ends not only with a new addition to the family, but also with stretch marks on the body.

During the formation of stretch marks, structural changes in the skin frame and destruction of collagen and elastin fibers are observed. At the same time, there are disturbances in the blood supply and nutrition of the epidermis.

Laser removal of stretch marks with CO2

Stretch marks can be removed quickly and effectively with CO2 laser body resurfacing. This is a high-quality and painless method that does not require long-term rehabilitation and recovery.

The essence of the procedure is to remove dead skin cells using the thinnest beam in the world. The specialist individually adjusts the power and depth of the laser beam.

As a result, small dots – fractions – remain on the skin in the area of treatment. The fractions disappear on their own 3-4 days after the procedure and do not require any specific recovery.

In fact, fractional resurfacing of stretch marks is a controlled small burn of tissue. It stimulates important processes that lead to the removal of stretch marks:

Stages of the procedure

Advantages of laser resurfacing of stretch marks


Your health is important to us! Consultation with a specialist before the procedure is necessary to identify possible individual contraindications.

Important! Laboratory diagnostics (complete blood count) may be required to exclude inflammatory processes.

Question - answer

Is it possible to remove old stretch marks?

It all depends on the age of the striae and the condition of the skin. In any case, we will use our experience and expertise to remove your stretch marks once and for all.

Is laser removal of old and new striae different?

The number of sessions and additional hardware procedures to enhance the effect may vary. In general, new streaks are much easier to remove than old ones.

When can I start removing stretch marks?

Laser stretch mark removal will be the fastest and most effective if you come for the procedure within 6 months after their appearance. This is the optimal period of time and for a woman who has given birth, it is 6 months after childbirth that you can start correcting stretch marks.


Recovery after laser striae removal is quite fast. Within 1-2 days, there may be slight inflammation and redness of the skin. On the 3-4th day after the procedure, the crusts of the fractions fall off.

General regeneration takes 10 days or more. Within 1 month after the procedure, you should avoid tanning beds, saunas and baths. Be sure to use sunscreen before going out.

Lazer-Med Laser Cosmetology Center is an official division of Coolaser Clinic in Kyiv in Solomensky district.

Laser resurfacing of stretch marks – do not put it off, make an appointment today to get flawless skin tomorrow!

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