CO2 laser facial resurfacing

CO2 laser facial resurfacing is a unique procedure that will make your skin perfect. CO2 laser resurfacing is aimed at rejuvenation, removal of scars and scars, correction of wrinkles and age spots.

Every person, looking in the mirror, dreams of a smooth and radiant face without age-related changes. Modern cosmetology has hundreds of ways to transform the skin, but most of them are ineffective.

Fractional resurfacing of the face not only guarantees you a stunning result, but also saves you time and money. Forget about regular visits to the beautician and a ton of useless means.

Lazer-Med laser cosmetology center is a division of Coolaser Clinic. The branch is located in the Valikhnovski Surgery Institute of honored doctor of Ukraine Rostislav Valikhnovski Valikhnovski. Our best specialists will provide you with high quality, comfort and safety in every procedure.

Please note! For the period of military actions in Ukraine LaserMed center is temporarily not working. You can undergo laser face resurfacing procedures in Coolaser Clinic at 32B Konovaltsa Street.

Pre-registration by phone (068) 938 03 03.


Шлифовка лица лазером


Шлифовка лица лазером
Ukrainian singer Natalia Valevska at the Coolaser laser resurfacing treatment

CO2 laser facial resurfacing. What is this procedure?

Laser or fractional resurfacing is a procedure aimed at correcting imperfections and rejuvenating the skin. It can be used to remove scars and scars, smooth wrinkles, tighten the face oval and eyelid skin.

The world’s thinnest CO2 laser can be used even on delicate eyelid skin without the risk of complications.

The essence of the procedure

Fractional resurfacing is based on an amazing process called vaporization. In essence, it is a partial, fully controlled burn of tissues.

The specialist, according to the individual characteristics of the patient, adjusts the laser beam. Directed at the cells, the laser beam interacts with the cells, evaporating moisture from them. Thus, the skin cells are literally vaporized from the surface without unpleasant sensations.

As a result, the process of cell regeneration is triggered and the synthesis of collagen and elastin is activated. Collagen and elastin are proteins that are essential for youthful and firm skin.

The cell renewal process allows for the formation of healthy and even skin in place of scars, scars and age spots.

Stages of fractional resurfacing

Our Before and After Photos

In order for you to fully appreciate the full extent of skin transformation, our specialist will take a photo Before and After laser resurfacing. A slight result will be visible immediately after deep laser resurfacing.

Reviews of our patients speak for themselves, fractional laser resurfacing is a fast and reliable way to remove scars and scars and tighten the skin.

Шлифовка лица лазером
Vice Miss Ukraine Universe - 2015, singer Yana Brilitskaya maintains beauty with CO2 resurfacing

Advantages of CO2 laser resurfacing

Possible complications

We understand how important it is to know as much information about the procedure as possible. We will not hide, any care procedure has a risk of complications.

What are the complications of laser peeling?

Who is indicated for Co2 laser facial resurfacing?

Laser peeling is perfect for almost all patients of any age. Fractional resurfacing effectively removes post-acne scars, provides skin lifting and brings the result of plastic surgery to perfection.

Шлифовка лица лазером
This photo shows the result of post-acne scar removal. 2 treatments have been performed.

What kind of equipment do we use?

It is important to us not only to maintain your natural beauty, but also to preserve your health. That is why we work with the best laser equipment for laser facial resurfacing – Coolaser CO2 and Adonyss CO2. Unlike other laser systems, Coolaser Co2 utilizes a laser beam thickness of 85 microns. For comparison, this is thinner than a human hair.

It is Coolaser CO2 that is extremely popular with the world’s biggest stars – Nicole Scherzinger, Lady Gaga, Madonna, the Kardashian family. Many movie and pop stars have been using this technology for a long time.

We also use Adonyss CO2 with a power of 65 watts. Adonyss CO2 is used mainly for deep laser resurfacing of the face and correction of complex scar pathologies.

Rehabilitation after fractional resurfacing

Thanks to the delicate, high-precision laser, recovery time is minimal. The average recovery time is 1-2 weeks. Depends on individual characteristics and the amount of work performed.

Final results after fractional resurfacing of the face or eyelids are evaluated only after full recovery.

Facial skin care after laser resurfacing

In order for the results of laser resurfacing to please you for a long time it is necessary to take proper care of the skin. After a course of laser peeling procedures, the doctor will tell you in detail how to care for the skin in your case.

Our leading experts have prepared for you a set of general recommendations for skin care after fractional resurfacing.

Our specialists

We provide you with reliability, safety and 100% effectiveness from every procedure. To maintain a high level of excellence, we only work with experienced dermatologists.

All our specialists regularly undergo advanced training and exchange experience with colleagues in Europe. Constant learning allows us to find the perfect solution to any situation.

Кичик Юлия

Kichik Yulia

Зиненко Олеся

Zinenko Olesya

Laser resurfacing price

How much is the cost of laser resurfacing in Kyiv you can see in the table below. However, it should be understood that the total cost of laser treatment may depend on the total number of procedures and the form of payment. In case you immediately prepay a whole complex or a package of procedures, you can ask the administrator, what are the promotional prices or discounts. They may apply directly to laser resurfacing or to additional procedures.

Laser resurfacing price
СО2 face
5900 UAH
СО2 neck
2900 UAH
СО2 décolletage
2900 UAH
СО2 face + neck
7900 UAH
СО2 forearm
2000 UAH
Laser removal of dark circles under the eyes
2000 UAH
Remove CO2 scars, scars, stretch marks (1 square centimeter)
300 UAH

Reviews of laser facial resurfacing in Kiev

Larysa Pavlenko

Grateful mom

Thank you, on the fourth after the laser resurfacing procedure my face was just radiant. the spots disappeared and my pores shrunk. I'm very visibly younger. I'm looking forward to my next treatment.

Andriy Pasichnyk


Please pass on my gratitude to Dr. Melnichenko Lyubov Sergeevna. My red scar on my face after the first resurfacing lost color and is now in complexion. The edges have smoothed out. It became less noticeable. As I will be in Kiev - immediately to you.



I decided to remove a scar on my leg, I was afraid that I would need surgery, but Lazer-med offered an alternative - laser removal. Everything went well! They consulted me and in 3 sessions completely removed it.
I was satisfied, thanks to the doctors for their care!

Q&A. Everything you have long wanted to ask about laser resurfacing.

When can I have laser facial resurfacing?

Any time of the year, including summer.

Can laser resurfacing be done on pregnant women?

Pregnancy and lactation are contraindications to the procedure. Deciding on the feasibility of fractional resurfacing should be made in conjunction with an obstetrician-gynecologist.

How to prolong the results of laser facial resurfacing?

Follow the doctor’s recommendations, perform quality home skin care and choose trusted clinics.

What can laser resurfacing be combined with?

Laser peeling is perfectly combined with microneedling, plasmolifting, photo rejuvenation and RF facelift.

Is it possible to remove crusts on your own?

No. Scraping, tearing or any other mechanical removal of the crusts can lead to negative results. It is important to let the skin recover on its own.

Is there such a thing as deep laser resurfacing?

Of course. We perform deep laser resurfacing on Adonyss CO2, one of the most powerful lasers available.

What is the rehabilitation after deep laser facial resurfacing?

In this case, the period and methods of rehabilitation will be individualized. During deep laser resurfacing, the top layer of the epidermis is literally removed. Recovery should be approached very responsibly and under the guidance of a doctor.

Can stretch marks be removed with laser resurfacing?

Yes, we can remove any stretch marks using Coolaser technology. The number of sessions of laser stretch mark removal depends on their size, localization and age.

Can laser resurfacing be done on young people?

Fractional resurfacing is suitable for patients of all ages. For young people, the procedure will help to prolong the youthfulness and beauty of the skin.

Why does the price of laser resurfacing vary so much from clinic to clinic?

It’s about the manufacturer and the quality of laser equipment. The lower the cost of laser rejuvenation, the worse the equipment itself. If the laser equipment has passed clinical tests, has certificates and licenses, the cost of the procedure increases.

How many days should pass between laser resurfacing treatments?

Individualized. The average recommended interval is 1-1.5 months. This is the period of time when the skin is fully restored.

Can laser resurfacing be done for dermatitis or eczema?

No. Laser peeling should not be performed on damaged skin. Whether you can do the procedure in dermatitis in remission is determined only by a dermatologist.

Why do I need a general blood test before the procedure?

A general blood test is a necessary diagnosis. To exclude the risks of complications, you need to make sure that there are no viruses and infections. It is the general blood test that gives a complete picture of the state of the body.


We care about your health! Therefore, before any procedure we recommend to visit a specialist consultation. An experienced doctor will assess the condition of your skin, its needs and possible individual contraindications.

Laser facial resurfacing is your perfect path to perfect skin, don’t put off beauty for later, book an appointment with us today!

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