Laser resurfacing of post-burn scars

Laser resurfacing of scars after a burn in Kyiv

Laser resurfacing of post-burn scars is a simple yet important procedure. We all want to see a person without flaws in our reflection. Yes, there is a popular saying that “scars adorn a man,” but in reality, it’s not the case.

Psychologists have long said that absolutely all aspects of our lives depend on our self-esteem. From relationships with loved ones to financial well-being.

Someone will say that you need to accept and love yourself the way you are. And we agree, it is necessary to love yourself, but this does not mean to tolerate imperfections!

The specialists of the Lazer-Med laser cosmetology center do everything possible to enhance your true beauty and maintain your health. Lazer-Med is an official division of the Coolaser Clinic at the Valikhnovsky Surgeon Institute.


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Post-burn scar

Scars and scars appear regularly throughout life; a simple cut or wound can result in a small scar. In some cases, minor scars become almost invisible with age.

However, the situation is quite different when it comes to post-burn scars. Before you can learn how to remove a burn scar quickly and effectively, you need to understand the specifics of such a scar.

So, there are several types of skin burns. Most often, the type of burn determines the further appearance of the scar and the possibility of its removal.

What does a skin burn look like?

1. Chemical

Chemical burns are among the most difficult to treat and rehabilitate. Most often, chemical burns are caused by a concentrated substance (usually acid) that literally destroys tissue.

Chemical burns can also be provoked by ordinary, everyday things. For example, cosmetics. If a person had a latent allergy to one of the components of cosmetics, prolonged use of it leads to a chemical burn of the skin.

People who are prone to dermatitis and eczema, as well as those with very sensitive skin, need to carefully select the composition of cosmetics. Other provoking factors may include:

2. Thermal

Thermal burns are caused by exposure to extremely high or low temperatures. Temperatures above 42` cause protein to coagulate and cause cell death. Skin cells literally melt before our eyes from the high temperature.

When exposed to low temperatures, cellular metabolism first stops, and all cellular life processes slow down. In the case of prolonged exposure or very low temperatures, complete cell freezing occurs.

For comparison. In the laboratory, there is a freezing microtome. It gently but almost instantly freezes tissue without destroying it. In the case of a thermal burn, it is the destruction of cellular structures that occurs.

Interesting fact! In certain situations, doctors can reverse the process of cold burn and restore cell viability.

What factors affect laser removal of a post-burn scar?

Any skin burn results in a scar or scar. Its formation depends on the method and success of treatment, as well as on home wound care.

After absolute healing of the scar after a burn (from 6 months), the patient, together with the doctor, decides on laser scar removal. The number of sessions and the result of laser scar removal depends on:

After a preliminary consultation with a specialist, the best option for treating a burn scar is determined.

Laser correction of scars and scars after a burn is considered the most gentle and at the same time absolutely effective procedure.

Laser resurfacing of post-burn scars

Laser resurfacing of scars after a burn is the optimal procedure for removing scars.

The essence of the procedure of laser resurfacing of post-burn scars is the partial evaporation of epidermal cells. As a result of the vaporization process, recovery processes are actively stimulated.

The old, keratinized layer of the epidermis is removed along with the connective tissue cells (which make up the scar). The regeneration process starts: new, completely healthy skin cells grow on the site of the scar.

Collagen and elastin production increases. As a result, after laser scar removal after a burn, you not only get healthy, new skin, but also restore its tightness and elasticity.

Stages of laser correction of a scar after a burn

Benefits of laser scar correction


Your health is important to us! Consultation with a specialist before the procedure is necessary to identify possible individual contraindications.

Lazer-Med Laser Cosmetology Center provides you with the best specialists and the latest equipment for comfortable treatment.

Laser resurfacing of post-burn scars – choosing us, you choose quality, make an appointment for a consultation today.

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