Laser resurfacing of facial scars

Facial scar resurfacing with CO2 laser in Kyiv

Laser resurfacing of scars and scars on the face is an effective procedure for the correction of scars, stretch marks and scars of any complexity.

For each person, the face is the most special place. Back in the 20th century psychotherapists have identified that it is with the face we identify our personality. Violations or distortions of the face can seriously affect not only self-esteem, but also the whole life of a person in general.

In order to remove scars and scars on the face it is necessary to choose the most effective and delicate procedures. Be careful when choosing a clinic and doctor, because it is from his experience and skills depends on the final result.

Laser Cosmetology Center LazerMed, as a division of Coolaser Clinic, guarantees you a quality result of laser resurfacing of scars.


Лазерная шлифовка шрамов на лице


Лазерная шлифовка шрамов на лице

What is a rumen?

A scar is a formation on the surface of the epidermis that results from an injury to the skin. Scar and scar are different names for the same formation. In everyday life we more often use the word scar, and among medical professionals it is customary to use the word scar.

When the skin is severely traumatized, the body tries to close the wound as quickly as possible. As a result, instead of normal epidermal cells, connective tissue cells are formed, which form a scar.

How do facial scars form?

Most often, facial scars form as a result of domestic negligence, illness or accident.

Types of scars

Depending on the type of scar or scar, the specialist changes the parameters of the laser beam. Some types of scars are perfectly removed with CO2 laser resurfacing. To remove others requires a comprehensive approach.

Please note! The older and more complex the scar, the more difficult it is to remove. In special cases, surgical excision of the scar followed by laser scar resurfacing may be necessary.

The essence of the procedure

A laser beam of a certain length and power penetrates the cell. The intracellular fluid is heated and vaporized, causing the cell to be destroyed. The vaporization process gently removes a thin layer of skin, allowing the body to replace the pathological cells with healthy ones.

As a result, the active synthesis of collagen and elastin is triggered, as well as the process of tissue regeneration. New, healthy skin grows in place of the scar or scar on the face.

Thanks to Coolaser CO2 technology, which has the thinnest laser beam in the world, laser scar resurfacing is suitable for all skin types.

Laser removal of facial scars

There are many ways to correct facial scars. Most of them have low effectiveness and are also time consuming for the patient.

Laser resurfacing of facial scars is an ideal solution to the problem. Modern technology allows you to quickly and qualitatively correct most scars and make them invisible.

1. Preliminary preparation.

Preliminary preparation is individualized and depends on the initial skin condition. In some cases, additional consultation with a dermatologist or surgeon may be required.

We also recommend that all patients take a general blood test before the procedure. This will help to exclude viral and infectious diseases that affect the result and recovery process. Other preparations include:

2. Cleansing of the epidermis.

Any laser resurfacing of scars is performed only on cleansed facial skin. To do this, the specialist will remove all remnants of makeup and care products

3. Application of local anesthesia.

Laser resurfacing of facial scars, according to our patients, is an almost painless process. However, each patient has an individual pain threshold and skin sensitivity.

For your peace of mind, we will apply local anesthesia in the form of anesthetic cream or gel.

4. Individual adjustment of the length and power of the laser beam.

The doctor adjusts the laser equipment individually and immediately before the procedure.

5. Antiseptic treatment of the epidermal surface. 

6. Laser resurfacing of facial scars.

Our photos of patients Before and After laser resurfacing of facial scars

Recovery after laser resurfacing of facial scars

The rehabilitation period depends directly on the type of scar and the amount of work performed. The first few days after laser scar removal, redness, swelling and crusting may occur.

This is a completely normal reaction of the body. During this time, it is not recommended to scratch or traumatize the scar.


Your health is important to us! That is why we recommend that you provide detailed information about diseases and possible allergies at the specialist’s consultation.

Laser resurfacing of facial scars is one of the most effective methods of scar correction according to many dermatologists. We use a unique technology Coolaser CO2, which allows us to perform laser resurfacing of scars even in summer.

Laser Cosmetology Center LazerMed is an official division of Coolaser Clinic in the center of Kyiv in Solomensky district.

Laser resurfacing of scars on the face – easy and comfortable return of your unique beauty, make an appointment with us and we will solve your problem!

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