Laser resurfacing of post-acne

Laser resurfacing of the face postacne in Kyiv

Laser post-acne resurfacing is the procedure you’ve been looking for! Let’s face it, nothing spoils the appearance as much as old post-acne scars.

Both at a young and mature age, we all want to have healthy, clear facial skin. To achieve this, we run from beautician to beautician. We offer you to forget about the beautician and wasted time.

Lazer-Med Laser Cosmetology Center at Valikhnovski Surgery Institute will tell you how to easily and quickly remove post-acne scars permanently.


Шлифовка лица лазером


Шлифовка лица лазером

Acne and post-acne

Acne (from the Greek Akun – acne) is a chronic skin disorder. It most often occurs on the face and trunk and is characterized by inflammation, itching and redness. It most often results from an inflammatory process in the hair follicle or sebaceous gland.

How does acne form?

As we said earlier, the appearance of acne is associated with an inflammatory process. Inflammation in the hair follicle or sebaceous gland occurs as a result of clogged pores.

When the amount of sebum increases, pore clogging occurs. It is the plug closed by the sebum that becomes a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

The most common cause of acne is the bacterium P.Acne. Normally it is located on the surface of the skin, but under favorable conditions for it begins to actively multiply.

Studies have proven that not always inflammation is caused by the bacterium P.Acne. Other causes include:

What is post-acne?

This is the condition of the skin after an inflammatory process. Most often the skin is covered with pits or small spots – these are acne scars. Such scars are poorly removed at home and almost not camouflaged.

Laser resurfacing is ideal for removing post-acne scars. It is a painless and effective method to get rid of post-acne scars once and for all.

The essence of the procedure of laser resurfacing of postacne

The essence of the procedure is laser therapy. The laser beam, which is adjusted individually to your skin parameters, affects the cells. With the thermal effect of the laser, the moisture in the cells evaporates, a thin layer of the upper epidermis is easily removed.

Laser resurfacing postacne literally erases acne scars. Thanks to this action, the body triggers active cell regeneration and synthesis of collagen and elastin.

As a result, you get not only a clean and healthy face without scars, but also tightened skin.

How is laser resurfacing of post-acne scars done?

Our Before and After photos of laser resurfacing of post-acne scars

Benefits of laser post-acne resurfacing

What ingredients in the formulations of care and cosmetic products cause acne?

Immediately we want to note, special attention to the composition of what touches the skin, you need to pay special attention to the owners of oily skin. Oily skin is more prone to excess sebum, clogged pores and black spots.

If normal and dry skin can more or less calmly tolerate such cosmetics, then for oily skin comedogenic composition is dangerous inflammation.

Despite the fact that many manufacturers now indicate on the packaging “non-comedogenic” (non-comedogenic), it is better to trust the composition. You do not need to memorize dozens of terms in a foreign language. The main thing to learn the main groups to avoid another acne.

Advice from doctors: try to choose cosmetics labeled “oil free”, “wont clog pore” and “hypoallergenic”. That is, oil-free, pore-clogging and hypoallergenic.

Yes, the oils in the composition of the cosmetic product perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin. But in oily or acne-prone skin, such a composition will cause numerous inflammations.

The safest ingredients that are less likely to provoke acne.

Acne treatment results after laser resurfacing

How do you put your knowledge of composition into practice?

If you have found in the composition of the cream or lipstick one component from the red group, do not rush to throw it out. It is unlikely that it will certainly provoke acne. But if most of the composition contains components from the first two groups, such a preparation is better not to apply to the skin.

Questions and answers

How to cure acne fast?

The result of acne treatment depends on the type of skin, its condition and the severity of the disease. Significant improvement occurs after 2-3 treatments with an interval of 20 days. On average, about 6 weeks are needed for complete tissue recovery and healing.

How to get rid of acne as a teenager and is it necessary?

Everything is very individualized. Not every inflammation at a young age needs to be treated, if acne occurs regularly and does not respond to conventional treatment, this is a reason to see a specialist. Make an initial appointment with us and we will explain in detail.

I got acne after the age of 30, how to deal with it?

In the case when acne occurs regularly in an adult, most often it indicates a hormonal malfunction. Do not let the disease on its own, see a narrow specialist. And we will eliminate all the consequences of inflammation with laser resurfacing postacne.

Can you remove post-acne scars and scars?

Please note that we care about your health first and foremost. All our doctors are committed to achieving results in every case. If the scar or scar is too difficult to remove, we will customize a treatment plan for you.

We guarantee you complete removal of your post-acne scars.

What are the consequences of laser resurfacing for post-acne?

Everything is individualized. The quality of the procedure depends on 2 important factors: the quality of the equipment and the experience of the doctor. To avoid skin burns, choose only proven and trusted centers.

Much depends on the patient himself during the rehabilitation period. If you follow the recommendations of the specialist and proper home care, the risks of complications are minimal.

When will I see the result of laser removal of post-acne scars?

On average, we need from 3 to 7 treatments to achieve the ideal result. The exact number of treatments that are recommended in your case will be announced by a specialist during a consultation.

In order for you to evaluate the transformation, we will take a photo before and immediately after the procedure.


Before laser resurfacing postacne should be consulted by a specialist. An experienced doctor will determine possible contraindications specifically in your case.

Lazer-Med Laser Cosmetology Center is an official division of Coolaser Clinic in the center of Kiev in Solomensky district, Protasov Yar.

Laser resurfacing of post-acne is a reliable way to remove post-acne scars, sign up today and bring back the beauty of your skin!

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